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The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is an integrated telephone numbering plan that encompasses 25 countries and territories primarily in North America, the ...
Below is a list of mobile number prefixes used by Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, Red Mobile, Talk 'N Text, and Touch Mobile.
Telephone numbers with the prefix 555 are widely used for fictitious telephone numbers in North American television shows, films, video games, and other media ...
The telephony term 'prefix' ('central office' or 'exchange') defines the geographic area served and the service provider, based on a 10-digit phone number.
Prefix Product Area Billing Address Phone # Employer IBF PPO Excel IBEW Eastern States (eff 10/02) IBM : Empire BC
How to Identify the Cell Phone Carrier From a Phone Number. A 10-digit phone number, whether landline or cellular based, is composed of three parts, the area code ...
A virtual phone system can help your business stay organized with many calls coming in. Sound professional and stay connected.
What Is In A Phone Number? Phone numbers are used to place a call to a telephone. So, there are actually two important aspects to this: 1) the phone that is being ...
WhitePages provides the most comprehensive search statistics and results for telephone numbers in North America. Each US area code may contain up to 7,919,000 phone ...
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