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Keyboard shortcuts are very important for the day to day functioning of a computer. They help users skip through long menu-driven options and jump straight to the ...
I am using IE8 with Windows XP. I am trying to choose multiple items in a list on a webpage by using ctrl click, but when I press ctrl click, I get a new IE window.
This article lists the keyboard shortcut keys for Internet Explorer 5.5.
Find keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft products that help save time and effort and provide an essential tool for some people with mobility impairments.
Learn how to navigate and perform tasks in Internet Explorer with the keyboard instead of the mouse.
Download Internet Explorer 7 shortcuts online. The Loughborough University website (see References) has the keyboard shortcuts for the seventh version of Internet ...
A comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer version 7 for Windows.
Learn keyboard shortcuts to perform actions in Internet Explorer 9.
Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts. Added 7/26/02. Viewing and exploring Web pages
Complete list of new Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Global, WinX, Explorer and more! Make Windows 8 work better for you, using these keyboard shortcuts.