Connect to cisco switch using putty


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Shows how to configure Putty for connecting to Cisco router More on learning Cisco:
Although Cisco ASA by default ships with a configuration that already includes 2 preconfigured networks, (Outside network and Inside network configured to ...
How to Use PuTTY for a Serial Connection. PuTTY is an open source terminal emulator, used to connect to SSH, telnet and similar servers for remote ...
How to Connect Cisco 2960 Switch to Cisco 2600 Router. Connecting a Cisco 2960 switch to your Cisco 2600 wireless router allows you to expand your wired network of ...
How do you want to connect to it? You could use PUTTY from a windows box to access the 2950 via SSH on port 22, or you could telnet in if VTY is configured.
Introduction. This document provides sample configurations on Catalyst switches in order to connect to Cisco IP phones. This document includes the switch port, power ...
This lesson explains how to use HyperTerminal Terminal Emulator to configure, monitor or manage a Cisco Router or Switch
• How to connect to router or switch console if serial port is not available in computer • How to use HyperTerminal Terminal Emulator to configure or monitor a ...
At this session, We will discuss about how do we connect/ console cisco with windows xp using USB to Serial Converter Aten type UC232A. Detail Specifications :
Hi gurus in the house, plss help me out here. I am finding it dificult logging into my CISCO ROUTER using windows vista and windows7, what do I do?