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Failed end of the world predictions 30 CE to 1920
Does Mrs. White pass the Tests of a Prophet?
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Another year has come and gone, and with it, a slew of failed and forgotten psychic predictions. Each year, the world’s “leading” psychics lay down their ...
The Ellen G. White Sitemap and Index of Articles
That this admonition is addressed to the church in the last days is evident from the words pointing to the nearness of the Lord's coming: 'For yet a little while, and ...
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Amalgamation In 1864, Ellen White said 'certain races of men' are a result of the 'amalgamation of man and beast.' In 1868, an SDA Church leader identified which ...
Wheeling’s Encyclopedia of Attacks on Ellen White 3 references to historical quotations. Prescott was a proud man who felt he should be regarded as the great