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As per my experience number one fake online ptc.
PTCCentral is a blog where you can read reviews about Paid to Click sites, Get Paid To programs and similar online money making opportunities.
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PAID-TO-CLICK(PTC/PTR) SITES I. INTRODUCTION 'Paid To Click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn from home.
TwoDollarClick is PTC site from that belongs to a large network of scam sites. As the other sites from this network, TwoDollarClick does not pays its members.
PTC Scam Sites List This is a pretty long list of ptc scam sites. I recommend you check this list from time to time to avoid wasting your time or being
Earn Safely Online, and Avoid PTC Scam Top 10 ptc sites and updated scamlist Detailed information about how to make a ptc site and how to own and operate successfully
There are two type of data entry jobs ONLINE and OFFLINE but as the payment process are similar so I am writing as one but the registration link are given separate.