How to delete apps on google chrome laptop


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Apps are a useful feature of Google Chrome, but sometimes you no longer have a use for a particular one. This tutorial will show you how to remove apps Don ...
Google Chrome offers control over how browsing data is stored on your computer.
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Google announced their new Chrome Web Store today, with loads of web sites and games that can be installed as applications in your browser, synced across every PC ...
There are a number of reasons one might want to delete their Google Chrome Sync data. Regardless of the reason why, there’s one simple place to do it from, though ...
Google Chrome for mobile has been highly appreciated by both iOS and Android users
We explain all you need to know about cookies and how to delete cookies and browsing history in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
Whatever be the reason for uninstalling AVG Antivirus or AVG Internet Security, through this tutorial, you will be able to completely remove AVG.
3. Cleaning up Google Chrome Make sure you uninstalled the software from Control Panel first before trying to clean up Chrome, because otherwise, you won't be able to ...
I'm fedup of trying to remove avg secure search engine on chrome and its sooooo annoying, i dont want to see this avg secure search rather i would like to make it ...