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Facebook is an online social networking site that lets you connect with friends and family. A Facebook account is connected to a specific email address, and you must ...
How to Delete Login History on Facebook. Facebook's log-in page has a small box under the email field that says 'Keep me logged in'. When this box is checked your log ...
When i try to sign in to facebook several emails appear how do i delete all but the one i want
How to Remove, Block & Unblock Facebook Applications. Facebook is powerful and affluential, even when it comes down to its applications. But some applications are ...
Facebook has its own email service which was launched a year back however this service was intentionally used to communicate socially on Facebook and Not a
We explain all you need to know about cookies and how to delete cookies and browsing history in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
How to delete Google Web History. You deleted your web history from your computer. But there are traces left. Where you ask? On the Google web server.
How to Delete Google Browsing History. Searched for pregnancy signs but don't want to spook your boyfriend? Looked up your ex's Facebook but don't want your wife to ...
Remove search/auto suggestions in facebook search bar. clearing browser history etc... does not work
To view chrome browsing history on Android devices, type “chrome:history” in the address bar (omnibox). The browsing history will come into view starting from the ...