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WordPress pages have comments enabled by default. Do you want to disable them? Learn how to turn off comments in WordPress pages.
Anyway, I eventually found it nestled in the Layers Panel drop down menu. Maybe CS6 will manage to consolidate all the programs options into one central ...
very simple steps... 1. go to windows folder... 2. search wga 3. rename all wga file to wga2222 or change it to any file name 4. reboot if very simple ...
Wordpress Tutorial on How To Edit/Delete Your Wordpress Category Menu
Anyone know how to turn off the new ‘feature’ in Outlook where the Messenger panel is loaded at the bottom left with photo icons of people?
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I noticed my new HP laptop systems came with the SWITCH USER option disabled, and I could not find any Control Panel settings to toggle it back on.
In iOS, if you don't see the option to disable subtitles in the playback controls for a particular video, you can disable them globally from the Settings menu.
Don’t Want IE 9? How To Turn Off The Update Nag. For those of you not ready to switch to IE 9, or want to go back to IE 8, this article (written back ...
Windows Explorer on Windows 7 tries to be intelligent and offers to group the contents of a directory according to certain parameters. A lot of times when it cannot ...