How to send a group email in gmail on iphone


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How to Send an Email to a Group Fast in iOS Mail for iPhone and iPad
Send a Message to a Group Fast in Gmail. To address a message to an address book group in Gmail: Create a new message. Type your email address in the To: field.
Hi, the app MGroup ( makes a great job manipulating contact groups and sending SMS or Mail to them.
I have groups in my Google Contacts for sending emails to sets of people via the web interface on a browser. I sync Google mail and contacts onto a couple iOS devices ...
Users of the Apple iPhone can experience mobile music, movies, pictures and Internet web browsing all on one device in addition to normal phone functionality. Users ...
How to Create an Email Contact Group in Gmail. Google's Gmail is a free email service provider. Gmail users typically enjoy enhanced email features such as anti-spam ...
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This video will teach you to set up a contact group in gMail.
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