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iLounge article about iMessage vs SMS/MMS messaging and text + data plans. Find more Ask iLounge articles from leading independent iPod, iPhone, and iPad site.
Send an iMessage as a Text Message Instead from iPhone
How do I read and/or search the history of text messages from my iPhone? Some messages are SMS, others are iMessage, often interleaved within the same conversation.
Disabling the iMessage service can speed up sending and receiving text messages.
iMessage is a great alternative for SMS or Text Messaging - owners of iDevices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, are now able to send free text messages to each other ...
How To Quickly Send Out A Text Message Instead Of An iMessage Directly From Messages App On iPhone
I have a friend in Europe and wondering if we can text without using Int rates to each other? Kinda like BBM. Thanks in advance!
iOS 8 has made it easier than ever to send both photo and video selfies with the help of the Messages app. Literally, a swish and a flick and your message is on its ...
english | deutsch iPhone backup SMS extractor ..convert your iMessage texts, SMS and address book to PDF, CSV and XML! new: conversion of iPhone SMS and iMessages to ...
Apple has included several cues in iOS 5 to make it very clear when you are sending a message via iMessage as opposed to normal SMS text messaging. Here is what to ...