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Send an iMessage as a Text Message Instead from iPhone
Disabling the iMessage service can speed up sending and receiving text messages.
Sending SMS text messages instead of using Apple iMessage may result in additional charges from your cellular service provider. If iMessage is responding efficiently ...
One slight problem though is that users might have a little trouble differentiating iMessage from regular SMS or Text Message. The answer to this is simply - iMessage ...
You might experience these symptoms: You can't receive SMS or text messages someone sends you from an iPhone You can't send SMS or text messages to a non ...
make sure you use a email with imessage because if a data connection isnt available it auto sends a text
Does iMessage on iPhone use text messages? iOS 5 and earlier
english | deutsch iPhone backup SMS extractor ..convert your iMessage texts, SMS and address book to PDF, CSV and XML! new: conversion of iPhone SMS and iMessages to ...
If you’re a texter, you’ll love Messages on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now they all come with iMessage, a service that’s an even better kind of texting.
iMessage - send as Text Message option. Didn't know this option was there until recently.