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License Requirements. Unless exempt (see General License Regulations), an individual must have a signed deer hunting, resident youth hunt/trap, lifetime comprehensive ...
Read the entire 2013-2014 Indiana Hunting & Trapping Guide online! Our unique digital edition allows you to page through the entire guide, just as if you were reading ...
Find dates, hours, permits, limits and methods for Missouri's archery deer and turkey hunting.
For deer hunting you need a license, and it may be a resident or nonresident hunting license. (Generally, anyone who has lived in the state for at least 60 days is ...
Hoosier State hunters took a record number of deer in 2012 (136,248), including the most antlerless deer (90,312) in the state history. Tim Beck’s massive Indiana ...
Missouri's firearms deer hunting season is made up of the following portions that provide hunters with many opportunities to take deer while helping to maintain a ...
Chad Stewart, a deer research biologist, outlines the changes to deer hunting regulations that go into effect starting in 2012.
Hunting Dates Archery Sept. 15 - Dec. 31 Muzzleloader Dec. 1 - 31 November Firearm Nov. 16 - 24 Late Antlerless Firearm Dec. 26 - Jan. 18, 2014
This Web site contains general information. Specific laws and regulations are found in the Code of Virginia or the DGIF Fisheries, Wildlife, and Boating Regulations.
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