Ipod touch connects to wifi but not internet


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Ipod touch connects to wifi but not internet Reviewed by Thefirstrow on . Rating: 4.5
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The iPod touch is not only a music player, but also your gateway to the world via the Internet. In order to connect to the iTunes music store and use the email and ...
Does the youtube app on ipod touch need an internet connection? no, but if you want to watch videos then yes. How can you connect WiFi on ipod touch?
Well I have a iPod Touch and I don't know how to get it to connect to the internet from my computer ...
Hi Most of the time you face this issue with the iPod Touch, that for no reasons this iPod Touch will not connect to your WiFi network while your other iPods, your ...
How to make a wifi internet connection using the iPod touch: To connect to the internet using wifi on the iPod touch, just follow the following
The iPod Touch is an innovative personal audio device. Unfortunately, setting up an iPod Touch and loading it with music can be a somewhat confusing task for some ...
Hey guys... So I made this video cause like it say my ipod REFUSES to connect to the internet. Ive tried and tried and tried but it wont work if someone can help me ...
Here's how to troubleshoot an iPod Touch that won't connect to the Internet and fix the underlying problem.
5. Wait a few seconds while your iPhone or iPod Touch connects. Once connected, a check mark will appear next to the comcastwifi SSID.