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C:\vinod>javac C:\vinod>java ObjectToInt Numeric string to primitive int = 123 Integer object ot primitive int = 123 C:\vinod>
This example shows how an Integer object can be converted into below given numeric
If the Object was originally been instantiated as an Integer, then you can downcast it to an int using the cast operator (Subtype). Object object = new Integer(10 ...
Try this: Long a = (Long); You end up with a Long object but with autoboxing you may use it almost like a primitive long. Another option is to use Generics:
We often need to conver from String to Integer in Java and vice versa, here are few ways I use to convert string to integer and back.
/* Convert Long object to String object This example shows how a Long object can be converted into String object. */ public class LongToStringExample { public static ...
Constructs a newly allocated Integer object that represents the specified int value.
Returns a string representation of the long argument as an unsigned integer in base 16. The unsigned long value is the argument plus 2 64 if the argument is negative ...
Returns an integer hash code for this object. By contract, any two objects for which equals(Object) returns true must return the same hash code value.
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