Java program to convert string lowercase to uppercase


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Java program to convert string lowercase to uppercase Reviewed by Thefirstrow on . Rating: 4.5
I am getting a string from the user and i need to convert it to upper case. How can i do this?
C:\corejava>java CharToLowercase Enter the uppercase character: R Lowercase character: r C:\corejava>
c program to convert the string from lowercase to uppercase without using strupr [ using pointers]
setText is changing the text content to exactly what you give it, not appending it. Convert the String from the field first, then apply it directly...
Convert Given String into Uppercase Using Library Function Program 1 : #include #include #include void main() { char *string = 'Pritesh ...
In this How to Program with Java post we will talk about more advanced aspects of String manipulation. With every programming project I have worked on in my career, I ...
We need to convert case of character string all the time but still there no Built in Function in RPGLE from IBM. The next best way to do it is using the %XLATE ...
Convert string to uppercase : String Format « Data Type « Java Tutorial
Write a Java program to check if two String are anagram of each other, is another good coding question asked at fresher level Java Interviews.
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