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As the temperatures dip below freezing, Louisville Water reminds customers to take steps to avoid frozen water lines inside their homes and businesses.
Want to know how much each of the 7,000 Louisville Metro government employees are paid per year? Or how much more than 65,000 state workers in Kentucky and Indiana earn?
Provides information about the merger of the government of the City of Louisville and of Jefferson County. Includes task force, merger maps, resources, timeline, news ...
This page allows you to search for salaries, wages and other reimbursement provided to all Louisville Metro Government employees. You can search a variety of ways ...
Community Outreach Louisville Water is part of your community. We work to enhance the neighborhoods we serve and work to bring safe drinking water around the world.
Welcome to the Hardin County Water District No. 2. We have come a long way since our humble beginning in 1968 with approximately 900 customers. Today we maintain ...
About Us The function of the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission is the collection of occupational license taxes on behalf of Louisville Metro (which includes all of ...
Mission Statement American States Water Company is committed to maximizing shareholder value through a combination of capital appreciation and cash dividends.
Indiana Executive Branch: October 24, 2012: Does not include overtime, bonus or extra pay. Some law enforcement officers are not included. Jefferson County Clerk's Office
HIPAA Privacy Notice (PDF 300KB) (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness 400 East Gray Street Louisville, Ky 40202