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There is no minimum age to apply for and receive a big game (deer, elk, antelope) permit. To find out more about Hunters Education click HERE.
Premier Deer Website Michigan State University and Department of Natural Resources Working Together to Create Michigan's Premier Source of Deer Information.
Deer Hunting Laws in Alabama & Minimum Age Requirements. Because natural wildlife resources are precious, and most states wish to preserve them, there are laws for ...
2005 MICHIGAN ANTLERLESS DEER HUNTING GUIDE Application Period July 1–August 1, 2005 Apply online at www.michigan.gov/dnr Antlerless Deer Hunting License
Welcome! The 2013 Deer Hunting Season has wrapped up. Winter Severity Index (WSI) reports are available under the WSI tab, and Deer Check totals for the year can be ...
2013 MICHIGAN ANTLERLESS DEER HUNTING DIGEST Application Period: July 15–August 15, 2013 Apply online at www.michigan.gov/huntdrawings Important Changes
Some states have no hunting age requirements, but most states have a minimum hunting age requirement for young hunters. Here's a list.
Frequently Asked Deer Hunting Questions. Click on the following links to read more on the appropriate topics: Application for a Private Land Antlerless Deer License
Q. How old must I be to hunt deer in Michigan? Q. How old must I be to purchase deer hunting licenses in Michigan? Q. How many different regular deer licenses may I ...
Michigan license fees appear to be reasonable, unless you’re a nonresident. For instance, the state’s most expensive hunting license is a combination deer ...