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When was Western Field shotguns manufactured for Montgomery Wards? About half a dozen companies made shotguns for Montgomery Wards through most of the 20th century.
The Western Field 72 was a pump shotgun, the Noble model 50. The Western Field 72C rifle was a lever action rifle, the Mossberg 472 made 1972-1980.
In its heyday, Montgomery Ward had its own line of firearms branded Western Field. Little did folks know, those guns were actually manufactured by some of the top ...
I would like to know the manufacturer and value of the 20 gauge wards western field shotgun model 10-sb94-tb. I cant seem to find the right website to go to do ...
Post subject: Montgomery Ward/Western Field Model 30 12 Ga Pump Pic added
How much is a Wards Western Field 20 gauge shotgun 2 34 inch worth? You would have to provide a lot more information such as model, condition, and any accessories.
Mossberg manufactured the Western Field shotguns for Montgomery Wards. The Western Field model 550 is identical to the Mossberg 500. Here's some info for you about ...
Newly Listed 1960's Vintage Montgomery Wards Shotgun Cleaning Kit Western Field Gun Complete?
The Western Field Model 30 is a Stevens Model 520. Yup, Wards stands for Montgomery Wards
What Is the Age and Value of a Wards Western Field 12 Gauge Shotgun?