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**DISCLAIMER**: Mystery PTC does not require you to make purchases, become Upgraded or recruit anyone (get referrals) in order to earn at our site.
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Di sadari atau tidak , di internet sudah banyak situs-situs yang membuat PTC, dengan bayaran yang beragam mulai $0.01 sampai $0.02 . Memang sih nilai dollar biasanya ...
At, probux, zapbux n fusebux r in top 5 ptc sites but here at ptccentral they r in sites to avoid, why is this differance?
The TalkPTC Scam List is based on extensive research by experienced forum members. These sites are proven scams and will waste your money and/or time.
Primeiramente oque são Sites PTC : são sites criados para divulgação de produtos etc , eles foram criados recentemente e já viraram febre para quem ...
Latest News: Welcome to! Donkeymails is launched at February 3th 2005. Now some years later we've reached our 600,000 Member! We want to thank all our ...
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A site about Elite and SCAM PTC sites
PTC Scam Sites List This is a pretty long list of ptc scam sites. I recommend you check this list from time to time to avoid wasting your time or being