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How to use nation in a sentence. Example sentences with the word nation. nation example sentences.
Most states shut down their debtors’ prisons more than 100 years ago; in 2005, Harpersville, Alabama, opened one back up....
How to use state in a sentence. Example sentences with the word state. state example sentences.
News from a Nation in Lockdown ... Voices from Solitary: The Life of an Escape Artist. December 8, 2014 By Voices from Solitary 3 Comments
Find local, Washington state, national and world news from Olympia and South Sound about crime, communities, education, environment, and more from The Olympian and ...
The Tibet issue illustrates the resilience of the nation-state despite growing separatist sentiment.
Pope Says Won’t Be Around In 10 Years. by Alan -- December 19, 2014 | Pope Francis greeted the National Olympic Committee who is bidding for Rome to host the 2024 ...
• Trudeau may have made the 'bedrooms of the nation' phrase famous but it was actually coined by The Globe and Mail's Martin O'Malley. Trudeau thanked O'Malley for ...
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Further reading (1905) by Carrie A. Nation; Carry Nation (1929) by Herbert Asbury; Cyclone Carry: The Story of Carry Nation (1962) by Carleton Beals