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I'm here now at my cousin house setting up there new PLDT myDSL WiFi router. PLDT agent come here but they cannot setup the WiFi user and pass because my ...
Enter in the url address bar, then enter. Enter adminpldt and 1234567890 for username and password, respectively. Click Network Tab, select ...
How to Change Password in Pldt Mydsl Wifi Modem Admin. Posted on | November 1, 2013 | 6 Comments. I’ve learned this from a Customer Service Representative of PLDT ...
First plug in your my PLDT myDSL router in your Computer via LAN connection. It will be connected! Now type this IP address to your Firefox or ...
Proper Step to configure your PLDT my DSL PROLink WiFi Router
Pldt wifi change password. I am trying to change the administrator password on my computer and i have mad a password recovery disk and its loaded up and when i click ...
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How to Change a Wireless Internet Password. When 802.11, the standard wireless networking technology, was developed, a system of security was developed along with it.
This configuration is the same with other PLDT Zyxel WiFi Modem! For Phone support call PLDT Hotline 172