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Why do the billionaire-owners of professional sports teams get to have salary caps for their employees?
I’m always fascinated how some athletes can spend millions of dollars in such a short amount of time. Most people will focus on the millions that they make bu
Growing up, basketball was my thing. I dreamed of supporting my family with my mediocre jump shot, my 5' 8' frame in the 4th grade and becoming an NBA All ...
The sports, countries, sponsors and methodology behind Forbes annual ranking of the world's 100 highest-paid athletes.
Salaries of Lacrosse Athletes. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States, according to Sports Illustrated, but professional lacrosse ...
Although many people think professional athletes make too much money, they deserve the money they earn. Professional athletes provide professional team owners with ...
Read 'The 10 Highest-Paid Female Athletes of 2013' and other Sports Lists articles from Total Pro Sports.
The personal finances of professional American athletes is a subject of widespread discussion due to the often high salaries of such athletes and the high rates of ...
Workplace retirement plans for pro athletes. You might not think pro athletes earning millions would have to worry about the risk of outliving their ...
Express your opinion on whether you think that professional athletes are overpaid for just playing a sport that isn't necessarily important.