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Puk code for samsung safelink phone Reviewed by Thefirstrow on . Rating: 4.5
What is a puk mean on my safelink phone?. Puk code on safelink phone whats it mean>?
My safelink phone asked for a pin code and i tried everything. I put in last 4 digits of phone number and it worked but now it says PUK code is blocked.
how to get the unlock code for a samsung t105g safelink wireless phone it says enter PUK which is 8 didgits long. i have passwords for it, i just dont know what ...
What does PUK Code stand for in the Safelink phones and how do I find out what it is to unlock my phone?
My free SafeLink cell phone is asking for a Puk code. It will only let me make SOS calls. How do I find Puk code and unlock it?
Hey, why are we not informed about the PUK code and the number of attempts before the SIM gets blocked. Goddamit, now my SIM is blocked and wil have to go through all ...
You May Also Like. How to Get a Free Cell Phone and Minutes Using SafeLink. The SafeLink wireless service is a government-sponsored free cell phone program.
How Do I Unlock My Phone Using My Puk if My SIM Is Blocked?. If a phone displays a message asking for a PUK number, contact your wireless provider before entering any ...
How do you unlock passwords to sims card? It's best to contact your network provider. How do you unlock my PUK sim card? Don't mess with it that much.
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