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You May Also Like. How to Change Font Size in XP. The Windows XP operating system has a standard font size that is used in the operating system's folders and programs.
There are three font sizes to choose from, these being, 'Normal', 'Large Fonts' and 'Extra Large Fonts'. As the name implies, 'Normal' is the Windows XP default size.
Hello, Is the text too small for you to read in your Windows Live Mail 2011? The following are the directions to change the default font size while reading your email :
How to Change Default Font in Windows. The Windows operating system gives you the flexibility to change its appearance based on your preferences. You can customize ...
In windows XP, Start - Control Panel - Display - Appearance(tab) -Advanced(button) - 'Item:' pull down to 'Caption Buttons' left-click to select.
Windows Live Mail 2011: How to Change the Default Font and Size
Forum Setting font & font size as default in Wordpad; Forum How to change default font size in xp sII; Forum Help: Copying from NotePad to WordPad; Forum ...
In Windows XP, you can customize the appearance of your desktop by changing the font, size, and color of individual Windows elements such as menus, icons ...
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Some people might have problems reading the text of the icons and menus in Windows Vista and Windows 8. The font size can be too small and making it bigger might help.