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Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build (and snuggle up to) by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson It's here at last, the Third Edition of Rocket ...
Ernie suggests a Pocket Rocket like the one on pp. 76-77 of the Rocket Mass Heaters book. ( Sminfiddle suggested something similar toward the end ...
Somebody was asking me about the exhaust from a rocket mass heater and how it seems so much simpler than a traditional wood stove chimney. So my best
Zaug Stoves, Made in the U.S.A. View Rocket Mass Heater Specs and Technical Information here. Each Zaug is custom made to order.
Zaug Stoves Company is a rocket mass heater manufacturer and distributor located in Yelm, WA. Search our website to learn more about the amazing Zaug Stove.
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Started with an old water heater. I cut the bottom off of the tank.
Rocket stoves can be made with adobe (dirt), bricks or metal. Tin cans were convenient for my son (age 11) to work with for his science fair project.
The Drolet Rocket High Efficiency Wood Stove is a unique wood stove with it's cast iron door and winter scene design on the front. The four-legged stove is a high ...
This US Stove Company Pellet Heater is fully automated with auto ignition and easy-to-use electronic controls. An exhaust blower provides a negative draft that ...