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Furious Chrome users told Google that they hated the new new tab page (shown here) and wanted the company to restore the option that had let them revert to ...
This tutorial details how to set the home page in an outdated version of Google Chrome. Please refer to the updated version. (08/23/13) The Google Chrome Options ...
How to Restore Old Behavior of New Tab Page in Google Chrome, Disable Recently Visited Websites Thumbnails and Google Search
Beginning with Chrome 15, Google has completely redesigned its New Tab page. The New Tab page is, well, the page that gets displayed when you open a new tab.
Q&A Community Help. Have a question about our community guidelines and policies? Or simply trying to figure out the best way to get the most out of connecting with ...
If you have other browsers that you use set to “about:blank” for new tabs then you probably feel rather frustrated with Google Chrome’s default New Tab Page.
Google chrome open new tabs ... Google Chrome New Tab. In this tutorial we discuss about how to open a new tab in Google Chrome, how to duplicate the tab and features ...
Follow these steps to adjust your homepage settings: Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. Add the home button to the browser toolbar
Don't like Chrome's new New Tab page? You know, the one with the big Google search bar that you don't need with Chrome's omnibox directly above it? With a quick tweak ...