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Standard Basketball Ring Height. Basketball courts vary in size among the National Basketball Association, the International Baskeball Federation and high school, but ...
Oscar Robertson, the 'Big O,' is the player against whom all others labeled 'all-around' are judged, and he may remain the standard forever.
Find a complete bio, stats and videos about Mike Miller, Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stay up to date on all Mike Miller news from the official NBA site.
Regulation Basketball Height. Dr. James Naismith didn't know that he would start a worldwide sensation when he tacked peach baskets to the rail of a second ...
@unknown, c'mon, yao ming at 7' 6' (229 cm) would be in the list of the tallest!! and @kanneth, ya, the list is about the shortest men who has ever been accepted in ...
'From the very minute my orange and blue, my New York Knickerbockers drafted Nate Robinson I was a big fan of his. I even wore his game-worn road blue #4 jersey at ...
Michael Jordan Owns The NBA Vertical Jump: Where's Carter and Kobe? By Rich Fernandes, Correspondent Sep 20, 2010