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Super Bowl XLVIII was an American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Denver Broncos and National Football Conference (NFC) champion ...
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When it came time for the Super Bowl, Clemmie Greenlee was expected to sleep with anywhere from 25 to 50 men a day. It’s a staggering figure, but it ...
Most commercials during Super Bowl XLVIII put on a decidedly happy face, using upbeat themes and positive images to attract viewers.
As The Hollywood Reporter revealed last September, the NFL has been secretly pursuing M.I.A. in arbitration in the aftermath of Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5 ...
Coca Cola’s entry into the Super Bowl ad campaign had a message that was, as it were, Coke Classic: it celebrated the many kinds, colors, lifestyles and origins of ...
The NFL season climaxed with a stunning upset in the Super Bowl. Denver was favored, but few expected Seattle to be so clearly dominant.
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“The NFC Championship was the Super Bowl,” Sherman says. “The 49ers were the second-best team in the NFL.”