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Daily photo journal of work on a small-scale certified organic vegetable farm growing for the local food market.
Are you looking for ways to farm profitably without getting bigger? Do you like to read about families who are living a good life on a small farm?
Provides small scale farmers with practical information about crop production, marketing and other topics of interest. Includes links to information on farm direct ...
We are excited to announce that Tiny Hill Farm is expanding! We purchased the property across the road, increasing the farm by six acres. We expect to do many ...
Most recently, my husband and I purchased a small farm in southern Oregon-ten acres in the Applegate Valley, a mixture of pasture, woodland, hills and weeds.
Certified Naturally Grown is the “grassroots alternative to certified organic.” It is a non-profit, farmer-to-farmer service, with standards similar to those used ...
Small-farm Tillage and No-till Equipment When caring for a small farm, you don’t necessarily need large tractors or implements; smaller no-till and traditional ...
When you need a used small tractor for your farm, lawn or garden, IRON Search provides listings from small tractor dealers from across North America.
Small faming stories and skills - pasture to plate.
Small Business Ideas for Farm Living: Our BEST Home Based Income Opportunities. Our proven small business ideas for farm can be your passport to the good life!