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10: RE: Posted on Friday November 1, 2013, 20:52 by uaintboutdatlyfe: All I have to say is whoever reads empire magazine and voted in for this shit either are a ...
Empire Magazine readers selected The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time, published both in their October, 1999 issue, and updated for 2003 in ...
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24 Jun 2014: In depth looks at all the movies that matter as well as quizzes, fun and games from the world's leading film magazine.
Empire Magazines 100 Sexiest Stars - Movies and Life
The Top Films of All-Time: This section presents an overview of the rankings of films regarded as 'greatest' by other ...
World's Sexiest Movie Stars: Empire Magazine has announced its list of the 100 sexiest celebrities of all time in movies. Not surprisingly, Emma Watson tops the list ...
In a magazine article.. Jack was raised believing his grandfather, John Nicholson, was his father; his grandmother, Ethel May Nicholson, was his mother; his mother ...
Tom Cruise. Brad Pitt stars opposite Tom Cruise in the Anne Rice adaptation of 'Interview With a Vampire'.
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