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How to use suspension in a sentence. Example sentences with the word suspension. suspension example sentences.
How to use disbelief in a sentence. Example sentences with the word disbelief. disbelief example sentences.
suspension, in vehicles suspension, in automobiles, system of springs used to suspend the frame, body, engine, and power train above the wheels.
Suspension Structures . building structures in which the main elements that support the load (wires, cables, chains, grids, sheet diaphragms, and so on) are subject ...
Hello, Starting a sentence with a hypothesis, to use assume, suppose or given that? E.g. 1. Assume that Stonehenge was built by aliens, then why did they come to the ...
Suspension of judgment is a cognitive process and a rational state of mind in which one withholds judgments, particularly on the drawing of moral or ethical conclusions.
He has promised to fight his suspension in the courts and refused to resign. Most tadpoles are suspension feeders, filtering out tiny particles while continuously ...
In short, there is a war going on between those who would liberate crypto and those who would suppress it.
Suspended Sentence. A sentence given after the formal conviction of a crime that the convicted person is not required to serve. In criminal cases a trial judge has ...
If someone tells you that they saw a ghost and you doubt their story, this is an example of when you feel disbelief. ... refusal to believe; absence of belief