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Weight Loss Spell. Meditate during the waning moon. Light a pink candle for self-love. Anoint it with the oil of your choice. Next light a brown candle, engrave ...
Spell to Lose Weight. Take a piece of parchment paper and draw a pentacle in the center. In each point write one word of “Refrigerator Stay Invisible To Me”
Weight loss spells can help you with your healthy goals but don't expect the pounds to drop away just by witchcraft alone
One of the most powerful spell enhancers with which to synchronize your witchcraft is the phase of the moon. Summoning matches up with the waxing moon phases and ...
Free weight loss spells can help you achieve your weight loss goals with a little magickal assistance
The Command Spells (令呪, reiju?), or Command Seals, symbolize (and, when used, enforce) the...
ABRACADABRA SPELL This is a simple spell that thas been around forever(dated to before 300 A.D.) This is to be written on a piece of parchment and hung around the ...
New moon spells cast for you monthly. Spells harnessing the power of the new moon, to bring a new start in love, career or other life issues.
Correspondences of the Waning Moon. Celebration: Lughnasadh . Dark Moon. The dark moon is the phase designated for dealing with enemies. It is also a time to uncover ...
Witchcraft magic spells that work are rare to come by, which is why they are best left up to a professional who knows what they are doing.