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The reduction in how much mobile networks receive for handling incoming calls has hit both Vodafone and EE so hard that they have both separated out the charges in ...
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Latest news and advice from the bfa Why a franchise could be the right family fit. The UK’s franchise sector has never been in better health; overall revenues ...
All practising medical doctors in the UK must be registered with the GMC. This official site describes the functions of the Council and displays guidance for doctors ...
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Local Heritage. Many states and prvinces have archives specifically dedicated to the family history of their local area. Research the area you are from.
BBC News is available on your mobile. Simply visit www.bbc.co.uk/news. The site is designed to work on a range of mobile devices and screen sizes, whether ...
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Nuisance calls and messages. If you’re fed up receiving these calls and messages there is something you can do about it. Check out the Ofcom guide for help and advice.