What does mobile phone symbol mean on facebook chat


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On a samsung chat what is the little search symbol where signal would be
What Do the Symbols on Facebook Chat Mean?. Unlike communications such as posts to the collective 'News Feed,' another user's 'Walls' and comments on the pictures and ...
When on Facebook chat quite a few of my friends have a little mobile phone icon next to their name, what does this mean? And what's the number next to the mobile ...
Was does the little phone icon next to people on facebook chat mean. Will the icon for facebook on mobile next to your name in chat still be visible also when the ...
I noticed that a time value lies next to each cell phone icon in Facebook chat. What does this time value indicate?
Ask a Question I'm seeing a different number next to mobile icon in the chat box ex. 2 h , 3m. what do they mean?
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Why do some people have a little phone symbol next to their name in chat on facebook? How do you get that mobile phone symbol next to your name on Facebook?
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