Why is my google chrome so slow all of a sudden


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Why is my google chrome so slow all of a sudden Reviewed by Thefirstrow on . Rating: 4.5
My Google Chrome is getting too slow. What can I do?
Your not alone. I have experienced this SLOW DOWN all of a sudden in the past few weeks. I would be browsing fine and then it wouldnt even load the google search page!
Hi, my names Daniel. I just recently bought a Power Mac G5 second hand from eBay. I bought if mainly for music production program Logic 9. I am having issues running ...
Have you noticed your usually speedy Google Chrome browser slowing down, or even crashing on you? Unnecessary plugins, extensions, and even browsing data can slow ...
I use Google Chrome as my search engine and in recent days, when it starts, a message flashes on the screen stating: ‘Your profile could not be opened ...
Google Product Forums > Google Chrome Forum > Categories: Report an Issue: Why is My Default Search Engine Suddenly Different When I Didn't Change It?
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I guess the question is, is it only Google services that are slow for you, or is it everything? Do you primarily connect by wired or wireless connection?
Google Chrome has started playing up for no apparent reason, says one reader
photo credit: Ligadier Truffaut. 5. It’s Not Firefox. Is it just me or do i not recall Google paying people to promote Firefox? All of a sudden the big G turns ...